One week at P'tit Cariboo - 9 months to 3 years old
activity program
Cariboo’s Club offers a complete care for children between 3 and 13 from 8/20 am to 5/30 pm. A unique environment so that parents and kids fully enjoy their stay at Les Arcs. Relaxation and leisure for everyone !
A place where sports activities and fun are combined. An environment where everything is done for children to feel good in the mountains.
The program : Igloo building, snowshoeing, snowman construction, snowball battles, sledging races, snow golfing, snow hockey, manual activities, patisserie workshop …

Please do not forget to come to the Club on arrival, on Saturday from 4to 8 pm to get your pinnie by giving us your health form and writing down your child’s name on the skiing equipment.
Technical information
This offer isn't available for the selected date, please choose another date or another activity
6 meals provided by parents
Parents provide meals for children under 18 month old. Price includes daycare and adds up to the weekly daycare offer (half day or whole day)
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